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Where I Live is a suite of 3 piano pieces at grade 1/2 level written by the noted composer/improviser/pianist Alfred Nieman. It combines a masterful musicality with a keen awareness of the needs of pianists at a late elementary level. A professional pianist and piano teacher at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, his understanding of the instrument is well displayed in this charming set of three pieces.


Where I Live sounds simple but is full of subtleties and delights such as subtle polytonal moments and cleverly constructed melodic lines that really sing and call for good cantabile playing. Two of them are in a quickish waltz time, with the middle piece in 2/4, but all three have a sense of flow and very quiet humour that might remind some of early 20th century French music - Les Six notably.  The first piece in the set is called "The Musical Box" but all three pieces have hints of that kind of delicacy and charm.


Click HERE to LISTEN to excerpts of Where I Live.

Where I Live by Alfred Nieman

  • This piece is licensed for use by the purchasing teacher and any of his or her students. This license may not be shared with any other teachers in the same or different studios. See Terms and Conditions.

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