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Created by the School of Music Theory, this is the complete Grade 3 music theory curriculum done for you, including lesson slides (in pdf format) and accompanying worksheets. Lesson slides are designed in a clear and visually attractive way, making learning simple and engaging. This curriculum follows the ABRSM syllabus for Grade 3 theory, and you can use it exactly as it is laid out here or as a guide and addition to your own teaching.


The curriculum is downloadable as a 170-page ebook and is divided into four sections: rhythm; reading; keys, scales & chords; and terms & signs. The approach to teaching harmony sets up the groundwork for understanding key relations around the circle of fifths. This approach will not only aid the student in their exam preparation but also in using concepts of music theory to enhance their musicianship and deepen their understanding of music.


This curriculum is intended as a starting point for music theory study and leads on nicely to ABRSM exam preparation books.


You can read more about the School of Music Theory by going to

Grade 3 Music Theory Curriculum

  • This learning resource is licensed for use by the purchasing teacher and any of his or her students. This license may not be shared with any other teachers in the same or different studios. See Terms and Conditions.

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