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Our Story

In 2016, I painted our littlest piano pink. I was teaching piano and growing the Totnes School of Piano, and that summer we threw a Pink Piano Party in our sitting room instead of holding a formal end-of-year recital. Everyone wore pink, and we served pink food and pink drinks.

The pink piano is a symbol of fun and creativity, and it is the inspiration for the Pink Piano Press. We publish piano pieces for all and a selection of resources for other fun and creative piano teachers.

About Lona Kozik

Lona Kozik is a composer, a piano player and occasional painter of pink pianos. She studied piano, composition and improvisation in the US before starting the Totnes School of Piano in the UK and the School of Music Theory online. She still remembers the day she first encountered a score of a piece by Erik Satie, and that has influenced her pink piano type decisions ever since.

About Alfred Nieman

Alfred Nieman (1914-97) was a composer, pianist and improviser and a professor at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama from 1947 until his retirement. Before that he played piano for silent movies, studied at the Royal Academy, and played with the piano duo "Merlin and Martyn" with Cimbro Martin and had a period as a BBC house pianist. Nieman's classes in improvisation were taken up by the burgeoning practice of music therapy where he is now recognised as a pioneer.

About Sam Richards

Sam Richards grew up in London and moved to the West Country to go to Dartington College of Arts. He got a piano for Christmas when he was 12 years old, and he maintains that this was the best present he ever received. Sam is a pianist and composer, an improviser, and a former folk music collector. His collection from the West Country is housed at the British Library.

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