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This is Sam Richards’ first collection of modal melodies intended for late elementary piano players. The collection focuses on white key modes, with two pieces for each mode. The melodies are fresh and played over (or under!) a drone, encouraging the development of cantabile playing and providing a stepping stone to playing hands together. Each one features a characterful title to spark imaginative playing:

1. Bagpipe Air – G Mixolydian

2. Rowing a Boat – D Dorian

3. Far Away – E Phrygian

4. Little Fishes in the Stream – F Lydian

5. Machinery – C Ionian

6. Walking Wearily – A Aeolian

7. Lost – B Locrian

8. Night Ride – D Dorian

9. Riding a Bike – C Ionian

10. Echoes – G Mixolydian

11. The Mysterious Wood – B Locrian

12. Magic – E Phrygian

13. The Old Path – A Aeolian

14. Scooter – F Lydian


These solos are charming and accessible, and they are suitable to be played individually or as a self-selected suite of pieces.

14 Modal Melodies with Drones by Sam Richards

  • This piece is licensed for use by the purchasing teacher and any of his or her students. This license may not be shared with any other teachers in the same or different studios. See Terms and Conditions.

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